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Window Blind Cord Hazards Information for Residents of Iowa

Preventable Window Blind Cord Hazards Result in Injuries and Deaths to Children Each Year

Experts estimate that a child dies every two weeks in an accident related to dangerous window blind cords, and many more are injured. Even under the most attentive parental care, children can be harmed by these dangerous products. These tragic and unncessary injuries and deaths can be traced to preventable causes. Technology exists to prevent all window blind cord hazards, yet it has not been adopted as an industry standard, nor are window covering manufacturers compliant with current standards. We believe corded window coverings should be outlawed entirely.

This page provides detailed information about the types of threats and injuries that may occur as a result of dangerous or defective window blinds.

Window Blind Cord Dangers

The cords contained on window blinds and other window covering products pose an unreasonable strangulation risk. While many consumers are aware of the risk associated with dangling window blind pull cords, the hidden inner cord which runs through the blind slats likewise presents a significant strangulation risk. There are eight hazards associated with a typical window blind cord:

Looped Pull Cord

A continuous pull cord loop constitutes a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Pull Cord Wrap Around Risk
Pull Cord Wrap Around

Dangling pull cords wrapped around a child's neck create a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Window Blind Risks
Multiple Cords in Single Tassel

Multiple cords enter a single tassel, create a loop, and pose a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Knotted Cord Strangulation Risk
Knotted Cord

Separated tassels become tangled or knotted, the knot forming a dangerous loop and a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Window Covering Strangulation
Cord Joiner

Multiple cords enter a cord joiner. When the blinds are up, the cord joiner creates a loop, posing a window blind cord strangulation hazard. The single cord also poses a risk of wrap-around strangulation.

Window Blind Cord Strangulation
Blind in Free Fall

One or more dangling cords wrap around the child's neck. As the child moves, the blind lock disengages, the blind falls and pull cords raise, strangling the child.

Window Covering Hazards
Inner Cord

Without cord stops, pulling on the inner cord causes the pull cord (at right of blind) to rise, creating a loop from the inner cord and a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Inner Cord Window Blind Danger
Reverse Inner Cord

With cord stops, pulling on the inner cord causes the lower rail of the blinds to rise, thus creating a loop from the inner cord and a window blind cord strangulation hazard.

Iowa Window Blind Cord Lawyers Represent Families

Our attorneys serving Iowa have already represented more than fifty families in window covering injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Armed with a particular sensitivity to this topic earned through the firm's steadfast commitment to this cause, our attorneys offer the premier window blind cord attorney representation in Iowa. In alliance with several consumer safety groups and experts, the Onder Law Firm is a leading voice calling for elimination of window blind cord hazards.

Unlike the competitors, our primary goal is to bring about meaningful change in order to prevent future window blind cord injuries and deaths. Our Iowa attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf to assure you get the compensation you deserve and continue to advocate for mandatory safety standards. If a child in your family was harmed by window blind cord hazards in Iowa, a Iowa window blind cord attorney can help by answering your questions and giving you a sense of your legal options.

Iowa Window Blind Cord Lawsuits

Families in Iowa whose child was harmed by a window covering may have grounds for a Iowa window blind injury lawsuit. We provide legal representation for window blind cord injury and wrongful death lawsuits on a contingency basis, meaning that we charge no fee unless we win compensation on your behalf.

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